Erica Hoff was travelling down the highway when she came across a man on a bike dressed in a t shirt. The man had recently joined the highway and was making his way through traffic when she noticed something was up.

The biker would suddenly start to wobble numerous times while riding and many of those times he was only holding on with one hand. She said she could’t figure out what was causing the bike to shake but realized it kept happening at high speed so she decided to take her camera phone out and record.

After about five or 10 miles, Hoff said her family watched him ‘almost’ lose control nearly six times, and then the inevitable happened. The man tried to steady himself by putting his feet down but the bike span around violently and slammed him face first into the ground.

The man managed to walk over to the side of the highway suffering from multiple bruises, a broken nose and his arms were covered in blood.